5387. Widows Plea Ostracon

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5387. Widows Plea Ostracon

“5387. Widow’s Plea Ostracon. The inscription dating c. 8th. C.BC in ancient Hebrew is a petition of a widow for some portion of her late husband’s property. The text is translated as follows: 1. May Yahweh bless you in peace. And now, let 2. my lord, the [king] hear your maidservant. [ ] Dead 3. is my husband with no children. And may your hand be 4. with me, and may you give into the hand of your maidservant the 5. estate which you promised to Amas- 6. yahu. And as for the wheat field whi- 7. ch is in Nafamah, you gave it to his 8. brother.”

Photograph by Zev Radovan

“inscription ostraca ostracon widow”

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