5383-3 Khirbet El Qom inscription

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5383-3 Khirbet El Qom inscription

“5383. Inscription found on a pillar in a burial cave near Lachis, the hill country of Judea. The inscription written in ancient Hebrew is dated to c. 8th C.BC, The shape of a hand is sunken carved in the middle of the soft stone. The text reads as follows: 1. Uriyahu was the one who wrote it 2. blessed be Uriyahu by Yahweh 3. and his Egyptian (servant) by his a she rah, and here is his handprint 4. (hand in sunken relief) for Oniyahu 5. by his asherah 6. and by his a..erah”

Photograph by Zev Radovan

inscription, hand, tomb

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